Playdate Pulp Team

Pulp is made by a teeny-tiny team of 1.2 people. It started as a "what if?" side project, and the result seemed too cool not to share.

Shaun Inman

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Shaun designs, codes, and maintains Pulp. He came up with its editor and the PulpScript programming language. From the engine that runs Pulp games on your Playdate, to the web version of the same, Shaun is the force behind the whole project.

Neven Mrgan

Portland, Oregon

Neven designs some of the visuals and suggests some of the user features for Pulp. As patient zero for Pulp games, he was originally responsible for testing how far one can push the engine.

Kyle Rimkus

Portland, Oregon

Kyle writes the backend services that keep Playdate running—this includes the server components of Pulp. He makes sure your games are stored safely, and that Pulp stays reliably available.

Andy Bayer

Portland, Oregon

Andy is a new addition to the Playdate server team, working on a variety of features—from your account to Pulp game storage, compiling, and delivery.