Word Trip

Word Trip

Made by Shaun Inman

It's not the where but how you get there.

Word Trip is a light-action word-building game with three levels of difficulty, daily challenges, and a stress-free free play mode. Includes online leaderboards!

The goal of the game is to get from the top word to the bottom one by making new four letter words.

Use three letters from the top word and one letter from the bottom to form a new word. Repeat until you arrive at the bottom word—before running out of gas! The game is over when your tank is empty.

Sometimes you can’t reach the bottom word. Press 🅑 + 🅐 to make a pitstop and refuel. Then set off again from a new word.

Earn extra pitstops for the third, fifth, and thereafter, for every eighth word you reach. The harder the difficulty, the fewer the pitstops you can hold at once (and the faster you burn through fuel).

Enjoy your trip!

More cool info

  • 62.7 MB.
  • First published 01/15/2023, last updated 03/09/2023.
  • We think this game is appropriate for everyone but fluency in the English language will help immensely.
  • This game uses the d-pad, A, and B buttons and has options to minimize movement and flashing.
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