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"... a delightfully-clunky 3D endless runner... It's very fun." Rebekah Valentine, IGN
("The Ten Best Games for Playdate")

The world's 1st real-time 3D endless spinner, developed exclusively for Playdate by Frédérick Raynal (Alone in the Dark, Little Big Adventure, Toy Commander).

Race the single-propeller CoBot (voiced by Jason Isaacs) through endless randomly generated levels. Each run is unique.

Controls: Crank the propeller - clockwise to go up, counter-clockwise to go down - Tilt your Playdate to steer. Switch to Crank and/or Button controls on the fly.

  • Dodge increasingly challenging Traps and Obstacles.
  • Collect Bonuses and earn Skill Points going fast or barely scraping by.
  • Compete for the best score in the Global Leaderboards.


  • created, written and directed by Jörg Tittel
  • developed by Frédérick Raynal
  • art and animation by Yael Barroz
  • Skew voiced by Jason Isaacs
  • music by Oliver Kraus
  • character design by Mick McMahon (Judge Dredd)
  • 1-bit concepts by Vanja Vikalo (Subgiant Studio)

SKEW is a Playdate spin-off of THE LAST WORKER, the upcoming narrative adventure for VR, consoles and PC; written and directed by Jörg Tittel, developed by Wolf & Wood and produced by Oiffy.

More cool info

  • 10.0 MB.
  • First published 01/15/2023, last updated 03/20/2023.
  • This game is appropriate for everyone. Okay, so Skew does say "bollocks" at some point, but so would any person/robot in their right mind if they had a nuke permanently lodged in their rectal cavity.
  • The game requires quick reaction times and offers three control schemes. Switch between them on the fly: 1) Crank + Tilt* 2) Crank + D-Pad 3) A, B + D-Pad. Depending on the controls used, the game may require holding down buttons and a fair amount of precision with the crank. *(Tilt can be turned On/Off in the options menu.)
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