Playdate SDK Team

The Playdate team is a small part of Panic, itself a small business that’s been around since 1997. We all chip in on Playdate in some way, but here are the people responsible for Playdate and your Playdate developer tools!

Dave Hayden

Austin, Texas

Dave built the original Playdate prototype from scratch, both software and hardware, and went on to design many of our APIs, write our compiler, build our Simulator, and more. He’s generally busy making sure the low-level code interfaces with the hardware.

Dan Messing

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dan wrote the Playdate OS and all System “apps”, like Settings, Games, and First Launch. He also designed many of our APIs, including collision and animation. Whenever you notice something delightful in Playdate’s software, that’s probably Dan’s doing.

Arisa Sudangnoi

Portland, Oregon

Arisa is the primary point of contact for our Season One developers, and is also in charge of our community, like our Developer Forum, making sure developers feel supported.

Marc Jessome

Toronto, Ontario

Marc is responsible for the low-level firmware that keeps the Playdate running, bug reporting, charging, and more, but Marc also created the Playdate Mirror tool that allows you to stream your Playdate to your PC.

Neven Mrgan

Portland, Oregon

Neven designs the visuals and the user features for the SDK. As a novice programmer, he tries to make sure it's approachable, friendly, and maybe a little bit fun to use.

James Moore

Portland, Oregon

James helps package, distribute, and test the Playdate SDK in all of its various forms, making sure it's as fast as possible to get you up-and-running.

Kyle Rimkus

Portland, Oregon

Kyle writes the backend services that keep Playdate running, including our WOPR system which drives Playdate Accounts, and the very website you are looking at right now.

Andy Bayer

Portland, Oregon

Andy is a new addition to the Playdate WOPR team, working on a variety of server features—from your account to game storage and delivery.

Will Cosgrove

Portland, Oregon

As the most platform-agnostic among us, Will has contributed to the Simulator, primarily improvements to the Windows and Linux ports.

Logan Collins

Portland, Oregon

Logan creates Nova, our friendly and powerful Mac code editor, including its debugging support for the Playdate.